Salma Kuhlmann's

Slides of Talks

  1. Lexicographic Exponentiation of chains, English version.
    (dvi file) --- (postscript file) --- (pdf file)

  2. Lexikographische Exponentiation angeordneter Mengen, Deutsche Version.
    (dvi file) --- (postscript file) --- (pdf file)

  3. The Invariant Moment Problem, (dvi file) --- (postscript file) --- (pdf file)

  4. Positive Polynomials and Invariant Theory, (dvi file) --- (postscript file) --- (pdf file)

  5. Approximation of Positive by Sums of Squares, (dvi file) --- (postscript file) --- (pdf file)

  6. Differential Fields of $\kappa$-bounded Series, (dvi file) --- (postscript file) --- (pdf file)

  7. Positive Polynomials on Projective Limits of Algebraic Varieties, (pdf file)

  8. Positivity in power series rings, (pdf file)

  9. An uncountable family of logarithmic functions of distinct growth rates, (pdf file)

  10. Exponential Logarithmic Series Fields, (pdf file)

  11. Closures of quadratic modules in locally convex topologies, (pdf file)

  12. The General Moment Problem, (pdf file)

  13. Valued Differential Fields (pdf file)

  14. Convex valuations on ordered fields, with particular emphasis on fields of generalised power series (pdf file)

  15. The Moment Problem for Continuous Linear functionals (pdf file)

  16. Fields of generalized power series (pdf file)

  17. Value groups for non-standard models of Peano arithmetic (pdf file)

Last update: March 1st, 2013