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Papers published/accepted:

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  22. M. Alaghmandan, Y. Choi and E. Samei, ZL-amenability constants of finite groups with two character degrees, Canadian Math Buliten, to appear (14 pages).
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  24. E. Samei and J. Soltani Farsani, Hyperreflexivity of the space of bounded N-cocycle from Banach algebras, Monatshefte fur Mathematik, to appear (20 pages).

Papers submitted/in prepration:

  1. M. Ghandahari, H. H. Lee, E. Samei, N. Spronk, Some Beurling-Fourier algebras on compact groups are operator algebras, submitted (29 pages).
  2. Y. Choi, E. Samei , R. Stokke,Extension of derivations, and Connes-amenability of the enveloping dual Banach algebra, submitted (36 pages).