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Personal information:


  • B.Sc, University of Shahid Beheshti, 09/1994-06/1998, Tehran, Iran.
  • M.Sc, Sharif University of Technology, 09/1998-06/2000, Tehran, Iran.
  • Ph.D, University of Manitoba, 01/2001-10/2005, Winnipeg, Canada.

Research interest:

    My primary research interest lies in the area of non-commutative harmonic analysis which can be regarded as an intersection of harmonic analysis and functional analysis. More precisely I am investigating properties of Banach algebras related to the locally compact groups, particularly group algebras, Fourier algebras, group C*-algebras and group von Neumann algebras and/or their connection to the unitary representations of locally compact groups. I am also very much interested in operator space theory and its application in non-commutative harmonic analysis.


    This semester (Fall 2013), I am teaching Math 110 (Calculus I).