Longhai Li

Associate Professor of Statistics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Saskatchewan

106 Wiggins Road, MCLN 219
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Phone: +1 (306) 966-6095 (direct)
Fax: +1 (306) 966-6086 (shared)
Email: longhai@math.usask.ca
Homepage: http://math.usask.ca/~longhai

I received my Ph.D in statistics from the University of Toronto under the supervision of Radford M. Neal, a member of the U of T machine learning group. More information about me can be found from my Full Curriculum Vitae. I am an applied statistician with interest in analyzing big and complex-structured data using machine learning approach. My application areas include bioinformatics, public health, and finance. I have done research in these topics:

  • Predictive Analysis and Feature Selection in High-throughput Biology Data

  • Predictive Model Assessment and Comparison

  • Applications of Machine Learning Techniques

  • Modeling of Temporal and Spatial Data

I am interested in supervising students with strong backgrounds in mathematics, statistical theory, and computing techniques and also with interest in applied subjects. It is cool to be a statistician in this data science era. Read more about the job information for a statisticianBest graduate degrees for jobs in 2015 / The 10 Best Jobs Of 2015 / Google: What will be the "sexy" job in the next ten years?