Stats 244.3

Elementary Statistical Concepts

Statistical concepts and techniques including graphing of distributions, measures of location and variability, measures of association, regression, probability, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing. Students should consult with their department before enrolling in this course to determine the status of this course in their program.

Prerequisite(s): A course in a social science or Mathematics A30 or Foundations of Mathematics 30 or Pre-Calculus 30.
Note(s): Students may receive credit for only one of STAT 242, 244, 245, or 246. Please refer to the Statistics Course Regulations in the Arts & Science section of the Course and Program Catalogue.


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Term Test Dates

1.     Thursday, Sept 22 (during lab) Marks

2.     Thursday, Oct 06 (during lab)  Marks

3.     Thursday, Oct 20 (during lab) Marks

4.     Thursday, Nov 03 (during lab) Submit Answers Marks

5.     Thursday, Nov 17 (during lab) Submit Answers Marks

6.     Monday, Dec 05 (online) Submit Answers Marks

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