Dr. William H. Laverty

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Saskatchewan
235 McLean Hall
106 Wiggins Road
Saskatoon, SK
S7N 5E6

PHONE: (306) 966-6096
FAX: (306) 966-6086
EMAIL: laverty@snoopy.usask.ca


Research Interests

Multivariate Statistics, Time Series Analysis, Experimental and Sampling Design, Spatial Statistics, Computer Security


Recent Publications

Courses Taught: Sept 2018 - April 2019

Sept-Dec 2018

Jan-April 2019

Stat 245

Stat 245

Stat 845

Stat 346


Stat 848



Multiple Regression Animation

Bivariate Normal Distribution

Autocorrelation function of an AR(2) time series

An applet illustrating an ARMA(2,2) time series

Hidden Markov Model Seminar - Use MS Internet Explorer for best results