M. G. Bickis,

Research interests

I am interested in many areas of Probability and Statistics, but particularly

Selected publications

Yaling Yin, Christine E. Soteros, and Miķelis G. Bickis, A clarifying comparison of methods for controlling the false discovery rate. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 139, 2009, 2126-2137.

Miķelis Bickis, The imprecise logit-normal model and its application to estimating hazard functions. Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice 3, 2009, 183-195.

Eric Neufeld, Mikelis Bickis, and Kevin Grant, Extending the dimensionality of flatland with attribute view probabilistic models, Proceedings of Visualization and Data Analysis 2008, SPIE Publications.

Mikelis Bickis and Ugis Bickis, Predicting the Next Pandemic: An Exercise in Imprecise Hazards, ISIPTA'07 - Fifth International Symposium on Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications,  2007, 41-46.

Brett Trost, Mik Bickis, and Anthony Kusalik, Strength in numbers: achieving greater accuracy in MHC-I binding prediction by combining the results from multiple prediction tools , Immunome Research3:5 2007.

Chenhong Zhang, Mikelis G. Bickis, Fang-Xiang Wu, and Anthony J. Kusalik, Optimally-connected hidden Markov models for predicting MHC-binding peptides, J. Bioinformatics and Computational Biology 4, 2006, 959-980.

Xikui Wang and Mikelis G. Bickis, One-armed bandit models with continuous and delayed responses, Mathematical Methods of Operations Research 58, 2003, 209-219.

Mikelis G. Bickis, The asymptotic distribution of spacings of order statistics, in Recent Advances in Statistical Methods, (Yogendra P. Chaubey, ed.) World Scientific, 2002, 42-49.

M. Bickis and E. Neufeld, A variation on the puzzle of two envelopes, in Proceedings of FLAIRS 2002, (Susan Haller and Gene Simmons, eds.) AAAI Press, 2002, 493-497.

R. T. Smythe, M. G. Bickis, D. Krewski, and K. Y. Fung, Efficiency of experimental designs for comparing two treatments with correlated binary responses, J. of Stat. Planning and Inference 99, 2001;151-173.

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My Erdős number is four