M. G. Bickis,
Personal Information



I received my BSc degree, Major in Mathematics, from McGill University in 1967. After that, I took some additional courses in Algebra and Mathematical Logic at what was then called Sir George Williams University. In 1968 I entered a graduate program in Statistics at the University of Alberta, eventually receiving an MSc degree in 1973 for the thesis Information and Markov Processes, written under the supervision of Sudish Ghurye. I continued my studies at Carleton University in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, jointly supervised by Dan Krewski and J.N.K. Rao. I was awarded a PhD degree after completing the dissertation On the Computation of Size and Power of Toxicological Bioassays in 1988. The Mathematics Genealogy Project

Work Experience

After getting my first degree, I spent a year working in the Systems Application Engineering department of what was then called Northern Electric. My job involved assisting with the debugging and implementation of software for their new (in 1967) electronic switching system (#1 ESS).

From 1970-1985 I worked for the Government of Canada, half the time with the Research Branch of Agriculture Canada, and half with the Health Protection Branch of Health & Welfare Canada, (since re-organized and now called just Health Canada.)

From 1970-1972 I was on the staff of the now defunct (regretably) Statistical Research Service in Ottawa, after which I spent 5½ years as the resident Biometrician at the Winnipeg Research Station. My job was to provide statistical support to the research programs at the Winnipeg station as well as those at the stations at Morden and Brandon.

In 1978, I became a Senior Consulting Statistician with the Health Protection Branch, where I was involved in the design and analysis of toxicological bioassays, review of statistical methodology used in decisions of safety, and development of risk assessment techniques. Most of my work involved food chemicals, environmental contaminants, or other environmental health issues.

Since 1985, I have been on the faculty of the Department of Mathematics & Statistics at the University of Saskatchewan. I retired on 1 July 2014.

Personal relationships

I am married to Jane Bickis (née Siminovitch). I am the brother of Uģis Bickis, Aija Svenne, the late Ināra Moloney (1940-2018), and the late Māris Pūliņš (1939-2004). I am the son of the biochemist Ivars Bickis (1915-1972) and the poet Elvīra Leja (1914-1970), and grandson of botanist Jānis Bickis (1877-1933). [Click here for a clumsy Google transaltion of the original Latvian]

I am a member at Augustana Evangelical Lutheran Church.