How to send me email

You will not find on this page any link that allows you to send email just by clicking. Unfortunately, such links are too easily harvested by spambots for invidious purposes. However, if you are a human being who understands English and want to send me email, then the following instructions should suffice. An email address is of the form
My user name is bickis, the server is called snoopy, the domain is usask, and the country code is ca. String them together, with an @ sign after the user name, and separating the other fields with periods (full stops), you have my address.

How to ensure I get the email

I get hundreds of junk emails every day, so your message may get missed in the crowd. The emails go through several filters, so many of them I never even see. Even among the ones that actually reach my eyes, most I don't want to see. So, if you want to get through to me, please observe the following etiquette: Any messages not adhering to the above protocol risk being deleted without human intervention