M. G. Bickis,

Courses currently taught

STAT 245.3 Introduction to Statistical Methods

Courses formerly taught

MATH 100.6 Mathematics for Education Students
MATH 102.6 General Introductory Mathematics (replaced by MATH 101.3/STATS 103.3)
MATH 104.6 Introduction to Calculus (replaced by MATH 110.3/112.3)
MATH 112.3 Rudiments of Integral Calculus
MATH 110.3 Calculus I
MATH 124.3 Introductory Calculus II
MATH 125.3 Mathematics for Life Sciences
MATH 343.6 Linear Statistical Models (replaced by STATS 443.3)
MATH 841.6 Advanced Probability (replaced by STATS 841.3/842.3)
STATS 103.3 Elementary Probability
STAT 241.3 Probability Theory
STATS 242.3 Statistical Theory and Methodology
STATS 244.3 Elementary Statistical Concepts
STAT 246.3 Introduction to Biostatistics
STAT 344.3 Applied Regression Analysis
STAT 345.3 Design and Analysis of Experiments
STATS 346.3 Multivariate Analysis
STATS 348.3 Sampling Techniques
STATS 349.3 Time Series Analysis
STAT 442.3 Statistical Inference
STAT 443.3 Linear Statistical Models
STAT 834.3 Advanced Experimental Design
STAT 841.3 Probability Theory
STATS 843.6 Experimental Design and Analysis
STAT 844.6 Statistical Inference
STATS 845.3 Statistical Methods for Research
STAT 846.3 Special Topics: Stochastic Processes.
STAT 846.3 Topics in Inference
STATS 846.3 Special Topics: Generalized Linear Models
STATS 848.3 Multivariate Data Analysis
STATS 849.3 Spectral Analysis of Time Series
STAT 851.3 Linear Models

Statistical Education Resources