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The Math Placement Test (MPT)
2017-2018 Term 1 (2017 Sep-Dec) & Term 2 (2018 Jan-Apr)

The MPT (Math Placement Test) is a mandatory proficiency assessment of basic math skills for all students in Math 110/121/123/125 (which are introductory calculus courses). In particular, passing the MPT at 60% or higher has become a non-negotiable prerequisite of Math 110 since September 2015. Alternatively, a student may satisfy this prerequisite for Math 110 by having credits in Math 102/104.

New Registration Procedure for Math 110: The College of Arts and Science has changed its procedure for registering into Math 110 since January 2017. PAWS will no longer let students register into Math 110 unless

          (A) they have already received credits for Math 102/104, or
          (B) they have obtained special permission from the Dept of Math & Stats.

Only students meeting condition (A) can automatically enroll in Math 110 by themselves. To request permission from Math & Stats to join Math 110, a student must have a valid MPT score of at least 60% within the past 12 months, OR the student has already achieved a low pass in Math 110/121/123/125 and has obtained approval from their College to repeat calculus by taking/re-taking Math 110. [Note: MPT scores are generally valid for only 12 months.]

For Fall 2017: Math 110/123/125 students for Term 1 are expected to write the MPT on the U of S campus in the first weeks of July or August. If you cannot write the test in July or August because you have a time conflict or if you live outside Saskatoon for the summer, you must write the test in the first/second week of September. See "Deadlines" below.

For Winter 2018: Math 110/121 students for Term 2 are expected to write the MPT on the U of S campus in the first week of January 2018. In fact, students are advised to write the MPT as early as possible (in July or August) in order to maximize their opportunities for academic advising and for making up any deficiencies in their background preparation. Please email us ( replacing "_at_" by "@") if you wish to add your name to the July/August MPT roster. See "Deadlines" below.

Instructions for Math 110, 121, 123 and 125:

  1. Deadlines for Writing the MPT:

  2. Test Dates (online reservation required):

  3. "When do I reserve a seat?": Generally speaking, online reservation will open approximately 7 days before the first day of a batch of MPTs. More precisely, online reservation will open at the following times:

  4. "Where do I go to reserve a seat?": Click HERE to sign on to the MPT server to reserve a seat when online reservation opens.

  5. Frequently Asked Questions: This document contains answers to many Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have unanswered questions after reading those Q&As, please send email to "mpt_at_" with the subject line "Math Placement Test Enquiry" (replacing "_at_" with "@"), and please specify the course (Math 110/121/123/125) and the term (examples: Math 121 Winter 2018 or Math 110 Fall 2017).

  6. Sample Test: Students are encouraged to practise on the Sample Math Placement Test to review basic concepts and skills.

  7. "I need a campus map!" or "Help! I forgot my test location." You can always log back into the MPT Server to review the time and location of your reservation, switch to another time slot, or drop a reservation except during those times when there are active test sessions being delivered. To avoid a last-minute panic, students should take a picture of their reservation or write down the time and location. Here is a campus map showing the building locations of Arts, ENG (Engineering), GEOL (Geology), HLTH (Health Sciences), and Spinks if you are new on the main campus. Please see Instruction 4 above on how to sign onto the MPT Server.

  8. Students who are registered with AES ( Access and Equity Services ): Students who require accommodations for the MPT because of their disabilities must first register with AES. The facilitators of the MPT require an advance notice of at least 10 business days in order to set up the AES accommodations. If you require accommodations for the MPT, please email both AES Exams and the MPT facilitators well in advance of the 10-business-day requirement ( and replacing the "_at_" with "@"). When you email us, please include your official name on PAWS and your U of S NSID, and mention that you are a student registered with AES.

    Important Remark: AES students do NOT reserve a seat online. If you require AES accommodations, just email the MPT and AES directly and we will arrange a date and time.

  9. (updated on Dec 16, 2017) Test Sessions in Muenster SK: We will be delivering the MPT at our branch campus at St. Peter's College (SPC) in Muenster SK on January 9th.

  10. Test Scores: Detailed test scores will be emailed to the student's U of S email account approximately 72 hours after the last day of the MPTs. The MPT score report contains your overall test score as well as your subject area test scores in those areas of algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and trigonometry that are deemed essential for success in calculus. If your overall MPT score is 60% or higher, we will override PAWS to let you register in Math 110 if you are seeking permission to add Math 110; but kindly bear with us as this may take at least a couple of days for the Department of Math and Stats to process all the overrides. For those who belong to the main campus and who are seeking permission to add Math 110, we suggest that you see one of the test invigilators immediately after the test to view your overall MPT score before you leave the exam room.

At the reserved time of your Placement Test, click HERE to sign on to the test from your assigned test location.

Related Sites: Math Placement Test main page   |    Math Placement Sample Test main page   |    Dept of Mathematics & Statistics   |    University of Saskatchewan

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