Cryptography & Coding Theory Student Seminar

Wednesday 1-3 pm, Physics 127

organized by the Mathematical Sciences Group
Department of Computer Science
University of Saskatchewan

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Topic Lecturers Date Summary
1. The Integers view summary
2. Modular Integer Arithmetic view summary
3. Abelian Groups view summary
4. Cryptosystems in general view summary
4.5 History of Cryptography view summary
5. RSA (and Rabin) view summary
6. Primality Tests view summary
7. Factoring Integers view summary
8. Diffie-Hellman and ElGamal view summary
9. DLP view summary
10. Finite Fields, (class groups) and Elliptic Curves view summary

Textbook: J.A.Buchmann: Introduction to Cryptography. Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics. Springer, 2001. ISBN 0-387-95034-6
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view course outline
download course outline [postscript]
Twenty years of attacks on the RSA Cryptosystem [pdf]
A Tale of Two Sieves [pdf]
Number Theory and Cryptography
Crypto FAQ
RSA Security FAQ
Encryption Course
Handbook of Applied Cryptography
David M. Bressoud, "Factorization and Primality Testing", from the Series "Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics (the same series as Buchman's book), published by Springer-Verlag, 1989.

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Summer 2002
Trevor Green, MSc Math, mathematical sciences group (contact)
Keith Taylor, professor, Math & Stats (contact)
Murray Marshall, professor, mathematical sciences group (contact)
Salma Kuhlmann, associate professor, mathematical sciences group (contact)
Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann,associate professor, mathematical sciences group(contact)
Chris Soteros, professor, mathematical sciences group (contact)
Mik Bickis,associate professor, mathematical sciences group(contact)
Roland Auer, post-doc, mathematical sciences group (contact)
Jaka Cimpric, post-doc, mathematical sciences group (contact)
Lisa Hodson, high school teacher Holy-Cross/Math Bsc, (working with Keith Taylor), (contact)
Allison Marles, CS student U of Waterloo, (working with Keith Taylor and Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann)
Jonathan Lee, CS/Math student U of Waterloo, NSERC Summer Award
David Callele, PhD CS, U of S
Alex Nenashev, Sessional Lecturer, U of S (contact)
Niklas Carlsson, PhD CS, U of S
Jean Cao, Msc CS, U of S
Ward Wurtz, Eng. Physics/Math, U of S, NSERC Summer Award
Tzvetalin Vassilev, PhD CS, U of S, (contact)
Abdul Karim Cadili, CS student, U of S
John Kaufman, CS student, U of S
Jingxiang Luo, PhD CS, U of S, (contact)
Sean Smith, Math U of S (working with Keith Taylor and Murray Marshall)
Mark Watson, CS student, U of S.

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