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Charles N. Delzell and James J. Madden (eds.):
Real Algebraic Geometry and Ordered Structures

Herwig Hauser, Joseph Lipman, Frans Oort, Adolfo Quiros (eds.):
Resolution of Singularities - A Research Textbook in Tribute to Oscar Zariski

F.-V. Kuhlmann, S. Kuhlmann and M. Marshall (eds.):
Valuation Theory and its Applications
Proceedings of the Valuation Theory Conference, Saskatoon 1999
AMS Bookstore: Volume I

Salma Kuhlmann:
Ordered Exponential Fields

Review (CMS Notes, November 2001)

Paulo Ribenboim:
The Theory of Classical Valuations

Paulo Ribenboim (ed.):
Collected Papers by Wolfgang Krull

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