University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon

This conference was dedicated to Paulo Ribenboim, in recognition of his extensive contributions to the subject.

The conference was sponsored by:
The Fields Institute (Toronto)
Centre de Recherches Mathematiques (Montreal)
The Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (Vancouver)
The President of the University of Saskatchewan
The Vice President (Research) of the University of Saskatchewan
The Dean of the College of Arts and Science
The public talk given by Paulo Ribenboim and his visit were supported by a special lectureship from the Visiting Lecturers' Fund of the University of Saskatchewan.
For further information of sponsors and supporters, see Thanks.

The conference covered recent developments in valuation theory and its applications:

The main topics of the Workshop were:

Our Scientific Committee consisted of:
Hans Brungs (University of Alberta), Barry Green (University of Stellenbosch), Werner Luetkebohmert (Universitaet Ulm), Alexander Prestel (Universitaet Konstanz), Sibylla Priess-Crampe (Universitaet Muenchen), Mark Spivakovsky (University of Toronto) and Bernard Teissier (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris),

and our Organizing Committee of:
Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann, Salma Kuhlmann, Murray Marshall (University of Saskatchewan), Deirdre Haskell (College of the Holy Cross) and Hans Schoutens (Wesleyan University).


All submitted abstracts are available on-line at: Abstracts.
Some talks and slides of the conference, as well as papers related to talks, are available on-line at: Conference Materials.


Our Conference Proceedings "Valuation Theory and its Applications" will appear in the Fields Institute Communications Series published by the American Mathematical Society. All papers for these Proceedings will be refereed. We accept papers in English and French language. The original deadline for submission of papers has been extended by three months. The new deadline is

May 31, 2000.

The final versions of papers which are to appear in the Proceedings have to be typeset according to the Fields Institute's Guidelines for Authors (which you can download here as (LaTeX file) --- (dvi file) --- (postscript file)). The necessary style files (for LaTeX) can be downloaded at: AMS LaTeX Author Package for Fields Institute Communications.

To submit a paper, send it to the Valuation Theory Home Page (see How to send files to the Valuation Theory Home Page) and send an email indicating that the submission is for the Conference Proceedings.

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valth [at]

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