at the Department of Mathematics
University of Regensburg
Mathematics Building, room M104.
Organizer: Marcus Tressl
Phone: (0941) 9 43 42 88

Tentative Schedule

Wednesday, July 24:

10-12, Salma Kuhlmann: Exponential Integer Parts of the Exponential Logarithmic Power Series Field.

14-16, Murray Marshall: Optimization of polynomial functions.

Thursday, July 25:

10-12, Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann: Hensel's Lemma for fields with derivations and other additive maps.

14-16, Jaka Cimpric: Free skew fields have many *-orderings.

Friday, July 26:

10-12, Vincent Astier.

13-14, Marcus Tressl: A uniform companion for differential fields.

Vincent Astier (University College of Dublin), Jaka Cimpric (University of Ljubljana), Tobias Kaiser (University Regensburg), Manfred Knebusch (University of Regensburg), Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann (University of Saskatoon), Salma Kuhlmann (University of Saskatoon), Murray Marshall (University of Saskatoon), Claus Scheiderer (University of Duisburg), Niels Schwartz (University of Passau), Marcus Tressl (University of Regensburg) Digen Zhang (University of Regensburg)

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