Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann's

Preprints and papers in preparation

  1. Kuhlmann, F.-V.: Selected methods for the classification of cuts and their applications, preprint
  2. Blaszczok, A. - Pablo Cubides Kovacsics, P. - Kuhlmann, F.-V.: On valuation independence and defectless extensions of valued fields, submitted
  3. Kuhlmann, F.-V.: Elimination of Ramification II: Henselian Rationality of Valued Function Fields, submitted
    (pdf file)
  4. Kuhlmann, F.-V.: Subfields of algebraically maximal Kaplansky fields, submitted
    (pdf file)
  5. Blaszczok, A. - Kuhlmann, F.-V.: Deeply ramified fields, semitame fields, and the classification of defect extensions, preprint
    (pdf file)
  6. Kuhlmann, F.-V. - Kuhlmann, K.: Ball spaces - a basic framework for fixed point theorems, in preparation
  7. Kuhlmann, F.-V.: Invariance group and invariance valuation ring of a cut, in preparation

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