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Saskatoon Weather

The typical Saskatoon weather in summer is dry and sunny, with temperatures between 20 and 25 degree Celsius, sometimes more. However, so far this summer the weather has not been typical (La Ninja?). We had lots of rain and cloudy skies, with temperatures lower than usual.

To see todays weather forecast, check one of the following:

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There are no special shoes required for our excursions. Be sure you bring shoes in which you feel comfortable when you walk around. There are no long hikes planned on the excursions, but a walk through Wanuskewin may take up to two hours. On demand, we may organize longer hikes along the river on some other days.

Along the riverbanks there are several well preserved trails which require no special shoes. However, to enjoy the "inofficial" narrow trails the closest to the river, you may wish to have good hiking shoes. At a few places, they are steep and may be slippery.

Insect Repellent

Some years ago, the provinces of Canada chose slogans for their car license plates. The people of Saskatchewan chose "Land of the living skies". An envious person from Alberta commented: "So finally they give credit to the mosquitos!" - We recommend that you bring your favourite insect repellent. Long trousers and shirts with long sleeves are helpful, too. (We also have found a few ticks lately.)

Other Equipment

Birdwatchers may want to bring good binoculars.
You don't have to bring your environmentally friendly personal coffee mug. You'll get one with the crest of the University of Saskatchewan free of charge.

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Last update: July 1, 1999