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Saskatoon has its own airport. Coming from outside of Canada, you usually change flights at Calgary, Toronto or Minneapolis. Northwest and its partners go via Minneapolis. Air Canada and Canadian and their partners go via Calgary or Toronto. At present, connections in Toronto are more convenient for most flights from Europe (e.g., from Frankfurt): but Calgary has the nicer airport. It also seems that you have a better connection when you fly via Frankfurt instead of Paris. Note that Minneapolis is NOT in Canada, so you have to pass US customs when you come from outside of the States.

Car Rental / Busses

We have been asked whether it is possible to rent a car in Calgary on and drop it off in Saskatoon, or vice versa. We phoned two companies: Thrifty and Budget. Thrifty says it is possible, but check with Calgary if you want to rent there. Their world wide number is 1 800 367 2277. Budget told us that it costs a drop off charge of $375 plus the price for the car which is typically $59 per day with unlimited mileage. Their number is 1 800 268 8900 but we don't know whether it is world wide.

We believe that almost every big car rental company in Canada will give you the option of dropping off your car for some rate comparable to that of Budget. Given this cost and the fact that driving the 600 km between Calgary and Saskatoon is tiresome, you may consider taking the Greyhound bus between Calgary and Saskatoon. This is the least expensive alternative. There is one bus in the day and one at night.

On the other hand, if you drive from Calgary to Saskatoon or back, you may visit the Dinosaur museum at Drumheller which is truly exceptional. You might consider staying the night there. If so, let us know and we can send you some more information.

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