1) Excursion to Batoche and Fort Carlton on Sunday, August 1, 1999.
Batoche is a centre of Metis settlement in the North West Territories in the late 1800's. Features remains of the village of Batoche, trenches and riflepits used by the North West Field Force, Caron Senior Farmhouse, St. Antoine de Padoue church and rectory restored to 1896. The rebellion of 1885 was fought between Canadian government forces and the Metis under Louis Riel at Batoche. Batoche is set in beautiful mixed forest/grass parkland, overlooking the South Saskatchewan River, 200 feet below.

2) Excursion to Wanuskewin on Sunday, August 8, 1999.
Wanuskewin is a National Historic Site, and it is one of the main touristic attractions in Saskatchewan. Ongoing archeological excavations indicate more than 6000 years of habitation. It has a visitor centre overlooking the beautiful valley, interpreting the history and culture of the Northern Plains Indians. Self guiding trails take the visitor past a medicine wheel, buffalo jumps, tipi rings. The visitor centre contains a restaurant, a gift shop and an art gallery.

On all of our excursions, mosquitoes are provided free of charge. Bring your favourite insect repellent! (This reminds us of the story of the old mosquito mother who tells her children: "In the old times, it was really hard to find the human beings. But fortunately, since they have invented what they call 'mosquito oil' you can smell them from afar."

Birdwatchers: attention! Bring your binoculars, cameras, etc.! Saskatoon is a bird's paradise. On campus, on the river, and in many parts of the city, you can watch various sorts of birds, like Canadian geese, kestrels, larks, woodpeckers, robyns, and several others whose names we do not even know (perhaps you can help us). Believe it or not: we've even got dozens of American white pelicans! Also, if you have frequent walks on the river, you will be sure to see beavers, in the middle of the city.

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