Organized by Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann
held within the framework of:

Joint Conferences on Algebra, Logic And Number Theory - ALANT 2
Twelfth Colloquiumfest and
9th Czech, Polish and Slovak Conference on Number Theory
Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic, June 11-14, 2012.

The Twelfth Colloquiumfest presented talks on algebra and algebraic geometry. Click on the title to see the abstract.

Invited plenary talks:

Florian Pop (University of Pennsylvania, USA):
The Oort Conjecture on lifting covers of curves
Computer presentation

Hagen Knaf (Kaiserslautern, Germany):
On the fibres of varieties over valuation domains
Computer presentation

Katarzyna Kuhlmann (Silesian University, Katowice, Poland):
Spaces of R-places
Computer presentation

Franz-Viktor Kuhlmann (University of Saskatchewan, Canada):
A common generalization of metric, ultrametric and topological fixed point theorems
Computer presentation

Josnei Novacoski (University of Saskatchewan, Canada):
Reduction of Local Uniformization to the rank one case
Computer presentation

Session talks:

Claudia Degroote (University of Gent, Belgium):
Hilbert's tenth problem for rational function fields over p-adic fields
Computer presentation

Anna Blaszczok (Silesian University, Katowice, Poland):
Artin-Schreier defect extensions of rational function field
Computer presentation

Pawel Gladki (Silesian University, Katowice, Poland):
Quotients of spaces of orderings
Computer presentation

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