Welcome to the website of the 14th Annual PIMS Young Researchers Conference (PIMS YRC) in Mathematics and Statistics.

This conference is the largest annual graduate student event in mathematics and statistics in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. It is an excellent occasion for graduate students and other aspiring young researchers to meet and connect for a few days and exchange their research ideas. This year's edition will be held June 5–8, 2017 at the University of Saskatchewan. All participants are invited to present their current research or another subject that is of interest to a general audience of mathematicians and statisticians.

The student presentations are an excellent way to improve presentation skills and to get an overview of the broad diversity of subjects studied by your fellow students. This year student talks will be 40 minutes, and presenters are encouraged to use any additional time to motivate their subjects for non-experts in the field. In addition to the student talks, we are excited to host plenary lectures by amazing researchers at the forefront of research in their respective fields.

We continue the tradition of offering workshops aimed at the improvement of our participants' professional skills. In addition, we will be hosting a panel discussion on employability after a graduate degree in mathematics or statistics with professors of the University of Saskatchewan and representatives from industry.

To make this conference also a great social experience we will receive all our participants with an opening barbecue and we will host a conference banquet on the closing night of the conference. Tuesday night is free so you have the opportunity to explore Saskatoon with your new local friends!

The 2017 PIMS Young Researchers Conference will be held at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. We hope to see you this Spring!

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Registration is now closed!

The duration of a presentation is 40 minutes. Participants who wish to give a talk must email their title and abstract to pims.yrc.2017@gmail.com by May 22, 2017.

The registration fee is $31.50 ($30.00 + GST) and is payable through the registration form. Included in the fee is accommodation for the duration of the conference, participation in our workshops, our welcome barbecue and the conference banquet on Wednesday night.

Part of the budget is reserved to partially reimburse transportation costs of participants from outside the Saskatoon area. Please refer to the "Accommodation & Travel" tab for details.

Talks & Schedule


Please click here for the conference schedule. Click here for the conference programme.

Plenary Speakers

We are proud to announce our four plenary speakers:

  • Cameron Franc (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Michael Lamoureux (University of Calgary)
  • Jenna Rajchgot (University of Saskatchewan)
  • Steven Rayan (University of Saskatchewan)


Li Zhang - Open Access and Predatory Journals

Open Access is required for peer-reviewed research publications funded by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR), and many other granting agencies. In this interactive session, we will discuss the reasons for open access publishing, how to comply with the open access policy, and how to avoid predatory journals.

Michael Lamoureux - Introduction to Jupyter

Jupyter (http://jupyter.org/) is an open source project created by scientific researchers to address challenges in combining text, math formulas, data and code, resulting in active computational documents which support their research. Three computing languages, Julia, Python and R are at the heart of “JuPyteR,” which form the basis for its name. This workshop will give an introduction to the Jupyter notebook, and the syzygy.ca online service developed by PIMS, Compute Canada and Cybera (Alberta). Using the tools in Scientific Python, Julia and R, we will show a few basics (how to access syzygy.ca, plot data and graphics, created formatted text and math formulas, run simple statistical analysis) and demo more complex computational methods (solving linear algebra problems, numerical partial differential equations, interactive graphics, data analysis, and more). We’ll use git and the internet to access the world of collaborative, scientific computation.

This will be a hands-on workshop, so bring a laptop with a modern internet browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It will be of interest to any researcher who needs access to advanced computational tools for their work.

Workshop participants should have a Google account (e.g. gmail) in order to access the pims.syzygy.ca online services. Students and staff from the University of Saskatchewan can access the usask.syzygy.ca service using their university login credentials.

Tyler Polreis - What Can I Do With My Degree In…? Learn How To Explore Career Possibilities

Brock Egeto - Creating Top Cover Letters and Building Effective Resumes and CVs

Carolyn Hoessler - Communicating Key Concepts Effectively and Clearly


The 2017 PIMS Young Researchers Conference participants are:

Name University
Tianrui Chen University of Alberta
Alain Gervais University of Alberta
Hongyan Guo University of Alberta
Adam Rhodes University of Alberta
Jenan Shtayat University of Alberta
Dijana Kreso University of British Columbia
Guillermo Martinez-Dibene University of British Columbia
Matthew Adams University of Calgary
Nuiok Dicaire University of Calgary
Rachel Hardeman University of Calgary
Olasunkanmi Kehinde University of Calgary
Keran Li University of Calgary
Jihad Titi University of Konstanz
Qiwei Feng University of Manitoba
Negin Pasban Roozbahani University of Manitoba
Mohammad Adm University of Regina
Abdel Rahman Al-Abdallah University of Regina
Kian Blanchette University of Regina
Michael Chesterton University of Regina
Daniel Krumer University of Regina
Eleanor Lekach University of Regina
Mehwish Muhammad Anwar University of Regina
Alexander Nau University of Regina
Samir Raouafi University of Regina
Paul Arnaud Songhafouo Tsopmene University of Regina
Jason Zerr University of Regina
Sheida Ahmadi University of Saskatchewan
Naeima Ashleik University of Saskatchewan
Wei Bai University of Saskatchewan
Jessica Cervi University of Saskatchewan
Jeremy Eng University of Saskatchewan
Joshua Gramlich University of Saskatchewan
Kevin Green University of Saskatchewan
Qi Guo University of Saskatchewan
Nazmul Hasan University of Saskatchewan
Zahida Irin University of Saskatchewan
Najeeb Khan University of Saskatchewan
Trisha Lawrence University of Saskatchewan
Xiaoyan Li University of Saskatchewan
Raed Mara'Beh University of Saskatchewan
Rob Merritt University of Saskatchewan
Emmanuel Neye University of Saskatchewan
Sanjeev Rijal University of Saskatchewan
Matthew Schmirler University of Saskatchewan
Arash Shamloo University of Saskatchewan
Sharmin Sharker University of Saskatchewan
Christine Soteros University of Saskatchewan
Thomas Stanley University of Saskatchewan
Evan Sundbo University of Saskatchewan
Teena Thomas Vattukalathil University of Saskatchewan
Xiaoying Wang University of Saskatchewan
Nicole Zolkavich University of Saskatchewan
Ante Custic Simon Fraser University
Adam Dyck Simon Fraser University
Justine Gauthier Simon Fraser University
Meghan Hall University of Victoria
Daniel Hudson University of Victoria
Mark Piraino University of Victoria
Shuqiang Zhu University of Victoria

Accommodation & Travel


Accommodation will be provided for the nights from June 4th to June 7th. The accommodation is included in your registration fee, and accommodations will be booked only for those participants who have paid the registration fee by May 4, 2017. Breakfast is also included with accommodations.

Those requiring accommodation MUST email pims.yrc.2017@gmail.com, indicating their arrival and departure date. Note that the cost of the accommodation will only be covered for the duration of the conference (nights from June 4th to 7th).

The rooms provided are shared rooms (double occupancy). If you have someone you wish to share a room with, please let us know via email at pims.yrc.2017@gmail.com. If you have any additional concerns regarding accommodation, please contact the organizers at pims.yrc.2017@gmail.com.

Voyageur Place

We provide accommodation for our conference participants in Voyageur Place, conveniently located on the UofS campus only minutes away from the conference venue. The bookings will be arranged by the conference organizers. Check-in is located at 128 Saskatchewan Hall, from 3:00pm - 9:00pm. If you plan on arriving after 9:00 pm, please email pims.yrc.2017@gmail.com to setup alternate arrangements. For additional check-in information click here. See region D4 on the campus map for the location of Voyageur Place and Saskatchewan Hall.

Partial Travel Reimbursements

Partial travel reimbursements will be available for participants from outside of the Saskatoon area. The reimbursed amount will depend on available funding and distance travelled. In order to receive a reimbursement you must submit all relevant original receipts and original boarding passes of any kind (plane, bus, train, etc.). You will be given a reimbursement package upon check-in at the conference, outlining how and where to submit your original documents.

Note that all participants can ask for a partial reimbursement; there is no need to give a talk in order to be eligible. Feel free to contact us at pims.yrc.2017@gmail.com for any further questions.


The 14th Annual PIMS Young Researchers Conference will be held from June 5th to June 8th, 2017 at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon. Here is the civic address of our department:

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Room 142 McLean Hall
University of Saskatchewan
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5E6

The 2017 local organization committee of the PIMS Young Researchers Conference is composed of:

Name University
Jessica Cervi University of Saskatchewan
Jeremy Eng (Chair) University of Saskatchewan
Nazmul Hasan University of Saskatchewan
Zahida Irin University of Saskatchewan
Trisha Lawrence University of Saskatchewan
Sanjeev Rijal University of Saskatchewan
Sharmin Sharker University of Saskatchewan
Evan Sundbo University of Saskatchewan

The 2017 non-local organization committee of the PIMS Young Researchers Conference is composed of:

Name University
Andreas Buttenschoen University of Alberta
Forrest Francis University of Lethbridge
Adela Gherga University of British Columbia
Avinash Kulkarni Simon Fraser University
Elizabeth Ofori University of Calgary
Mark Piraino University of Victoria
Mizanur Rahaman University of Regina

Should you wish to contact the committee, you can reach us at: pims.yrc.2017@gmail.com.